3 reasons why therapists find it difficult to find patients online

If you find yourself in one of these situations, you might start wondering why you can’t find clients online when everybody does:

  • You feel overwhelmed by the amount of tasks you need to work on, but in the meantime, you feel underwhelmed by the results you’re seeing.
  • You feel like your online content doesn’t resonate with your audience. No matter how hard you try, it seems that people don’t really care about what you have to say and don’t react in any way.
  • You feel confused by all the marketing and advertising tools and techniques, and you don’t know how to use them to communicate your vision. Things are changing fast and you don’t feel tech-savvy enough to stay up to date.
  • You have big dreams and you know that you can do more, but you lack the skills and specialized knowledge to lead your practice in the right direction.
  • The constant ebb and flow of your client list are haunting you day by day and it makes you feel uncertain and anxious about the future of your business.

If you answered “YES” to any of the above, you’re in the right place!

Top 3 reasons why this happens to Mental Health Professionals

Over the past seven years, we’ve collaborated with professionals in several industries, helping them to get the most out of their digital marketing and social media, therefore supporting them in carrying out their projects efficiently.

Overcoming many challenges, we’ve identified the three main reasons why sometimes you can’t attract your ideal patient online and why all your effort might not be working as well as you expected.

Keep reading to find out what these three reasons are…

Reason #1
Most Therapists waste their time on outdated or ineffective strategies

One of the most common mistakes among Therapists is acting on the belief that a short and simple ad is enough to attract new patients to your business.

They believe that once they boost some social posts or set up their online ads with a simple list of their skills and services, their online job there is done, and now the patients will come flowing through their doors.

This would have been true 15, or maybe even 20 years ago, when online advertising was a novelty that put you in front of all the other practitioners in your industry, allowing you to reach (and in the end, be able to help) more people effortlessly.

Nowadays, with so many new tools, techniques, and marketing trends popping up every other week, it’s next to impossible for you to stay up to date with just a simple ad copy and a few posts on Instagram or Facebook automatically boosted here and there.

Relying solely on this simple strategy, without any other backup plan, is like trying to convince people to go back to watching only the simple black&white tv – it might seem cool and easy, but in reality, it’s very impractical and limiting.

Reason #2
Many Therapists simply copy and paste the content ideas found online

You might think, it’s just an ad on Facebook or an Instagram post, so how complicated can it be?

The thing is, it’s more complicated than you think.

Building a well-structured ad and putting a smart strategy in place is equivalent to following a personalised treatment plan a therapist builds for their patients.

Think about it – every therapist helps their patients to look inside themselves and find solutions that help them heal and become their best selves. Now, the question is:

If you are diagnosing and building a personalised treatment plan for every patient you work with, why aren’t you doing that for your business?

As you don’t copy and paste solutions for your patients, you shouldn’t copy and paste the ideas and solutions you see everyone else use online (as in, their online strategy).

Instead, treat your ad as if it was your patient. If something is not going as you want, you should always diagnose the situation first, so commit the time to properly analyse your online ad, as it is the first and most essential step in building a unique “treatment plan” for promoting your business online.

Reason #3
Not having the right ally by your side

What therapists usually do is ask for help from generalist marketing agencies with a very vague idea of how to empathize with the internal monologue of the potential patient. 

They are good at advertising normal products or services but struggle with understanding the right way to communicate with your potential patients to make them feel understood, heard and trust in the genuinity of your services. These agencies don’t go deep enough into understanding how to improve the communication with your patients to help you build trust, understand their struggles and follow your vision ethically at the same time.

This is because their main focus are technicalities and do not follow a well-defined marketing & business strategy to help you make sense of what you’re doing.

You need a person who can create the bridge between your mental health service and people out there who need your help.

A person who can feel your vision and is able to transform it into a marketing action plan.

In the image above, you can We’re not here to help you advertise your services as if they were normal products.

We are here to help you build trust with your future patients and make them feel reassured that you are the best ally on the path to overcoming their struggles.

Now, you might be asking yourself:

What steps should I take to find clients online with predictability?

One of the best ways to find new patients easily and regularly is to have a well-defined marketing plan and an ally with a deep understanding of your services who can follow you on a personalized journey.

Meeting with one of our clients: Alina Sarkisyan, Mind-Body Eating Psychology Coach from Brooklyn, New York

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