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 The only PROVEN 3-step marketing system
therapists need TO GET 8 (OR MORE)
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 The only PROVEN 3-step marketing system therapists need TO GET 8 (OR MORE) NEW THERAPY CLIENT INQUIRIES EACH WEEK, or sell books and video courses online.

…Without taking a single minute out of your work!

(and NO… it’s not blogging & SEO, it’s not Social Media Manager, it’s not Google, it’s not Psychology Today, it’s not posting regularly on Instagram, it’s not boosting your Facebook post to get only a few likes and shares, it’s not better images or videos, it’s not rebranding… it’s not waiting impatiently for the phone to ring and all the other “HOPE” STRATEGIES!)


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3 questions every therapist should ask themselves BEFORE trying to get new patients online;

Our proven 3-step system Harmony Model™ explained - how can it help you generate a steady stream of new patients, without having to take a single minute out of your work;

How you can make your practice grow and focus 100% on what you do best - helping your patients achieve great results!

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Harmony Consulting

If you are a Private Practice Owner looking for a way to grow your practice, make more money, and help more people…

then, you are in the right place!

Dear Therapist,

We are Agnes King and Alessandro MerinoFounders of the Harmony Consulting.

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Interviews with our clients 4.9

8 new qualified patients requesting therapy within one week of working with us

Paolo Di Marco and Irene Corbani are psychotherapists specializing in Transactional Analysis and Bioenergetic Analysis.

Before working with us: After 4 years of hard work with SEO blog and organic Facebook/Instagram posts, they were barely getting 10 clients a YEAR online.

After working with us: Within one week after implementing our 3-step marketing system, they got 8 new qualified patient requests asking for their psychotherapy services.

A new way to promote her therapy practice online

Alina is a Certified Psychology Coach and Nutrition Coach with a private practice offering teletherapy.

Before we met Alina, she tried multiple things, like posting on social media and using various directory portals, but none really worked in building a thriving therapy practice on a level she would be satisfied with.

After a couple of months of working with us, Alina now knows how to communicate with her potential patients and bring them on a journey from a prospect to a client.

Setting strong Business Foundations to reach the next business level

Bianca and Natasha

In this interview, we are talking about the transformation Bianca and Natasha went through when working with us.

Before working with us they hit the roof and stop growing their business.

Together, we worked on building a strong Business Foundation and a fantastic marketing plan to help them go to the next level.

“The work we did together is revolutionary”

It was eye-opening being able to see working the strategy we planned together. We usually had new clients just through word of mouth, but the system you created makes me sleep at night knowing that now I don’t need to wait for the phone to ring to expand my clientele! Thank you so much!


“I promise you won’t regret it”

I felt great working with Alessandro because of how
well organised he is. The results we achieved are certainly
important, but for us, being supported by him in the
process was the most valuable.
Thank you for everything!


“I’m so grateful for what I learnt!”

I’ve always been a bit resistant to advertising because it’s difficult to imagine how to combine the world of marketing with the world of health & wellness.
Alessandro was the first person with whom I actually managed to approach marketing with an open mind.
The work you did for me guys is terrific!


“Alessandro and Agnes help you find the quickest way to reach your goals.”

We worked together to identify the right strategy for my situation, without wasting time on some random, unnecessary tasks I used to get distracted with before meeting them. Thank you, guys!


“Just do it! It will save you a burnout!”

If you are thinking about taking the next step, you might not know what the next step is, but if you have the money to invest in working with experts such as Agnes and Alessandro, just do it because it will help you to understand better your business and how to grow without burning out!


“I had an incredible shift of mindset!”

Before working with you I was close to burnout. When we started working together I started realizing how many unproductive and unnecessary things I was doing. This was a big realization and helped me a lot, the way you do marketing is totally different and much better!


“I would recommend them to anyone”

Before working with you I was confused, overwhelmed and unsure about the next best step to take to grow my business. Thanks to you I realized how amazing and innovative is your system! I can finally focus on what I love and be sure I’ll always have clients!


“Your system is different”

I learned that a good marketing strategy is not just about having a nice website or posting regularly on social media. The system you created for me is gonna make me save loads of time and I’m gonna be sure that people that come from that system is my ideal client! Amazing!


“Schedule Your Breakthrough Therapy Practice Diagnosis Session With Agnes or Alessandro Right Now”

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Other Client’s results:


Using our proven 3-step marketing system, we got 10 NEW CLIENT INQUIRIES IN A MATTER OF 2 WEEKS:

[Screenshot of the results we got with one of our clients]

With our proven 3-step marketing system… people asking for help from a Therapist willingly share their symptoms and their level of commitment!

[Screenshot of the results we got with one of our clients]

With another Therapist, in a matter of two weeks using our proven 3-step marketing system, 63 people willingly shared their contact info with our client to get info on how to solve their mental health struggles:

[Screenshot of the results we got with one of our clients]

Within 1 week of using our proven 3-step marketing system in another Therapist’s practice,

94 people signed-in for our client’s Masterclass to learn how to solve their mental health struggles…

7 of them booked a call with a Therapist right away!



[Screenshot from the results we got with our clients]

This is what our proven 3-step marketing system can do for you.

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