Is the Harmony Model™ worth it? Experience of two Therapists

đź—Ł “What I’ve alwas found very difficult about online strategies is having to deal with copywriting. Having to write everything by myself takes a lot of time and is not easy. I’m not good at it.”

This is what Paolo said about having to manage their therapy marketing. 

They tried everything when it comes to attracting new patients organically, like social media, directory portals, their website or even trying to develop their business page on Google.

But all these efforts proved too difficult and Paolo couldn’t justify spending time on these organic methods, as having to also manage a full practice is a full-time task itself.

Paolo worked very hard on their blog, and only after 4 years of consistent blogging, their site attracts no more than 10 patients a year.

For any Therapist and Coach trying to attract new patients online, these numbers can only make you want to pull your hair out in frustration.

All the effort you’re putting into your online content will show results in one year, maybe less, if you’re lucky and if you’re good at it.

But what if you’re not good at it? What if you find the difficult task of writing everything yourself taking too much of your precious time?

This is the question Paolo was asking himself before he decided to start working with us on attracting new patients online with our proven 3-step system, the Harmony Model™.

We helped them to attract 8 new patients who requested a meeting within one week of our lead generation systems running. 

đź—Ł “I liked that Alessandro created of a whole bunch of lead generation systems for us, which we had later revised and updated with our pesonal touch. This strategy was one of the things I found very fitting with my style of work.”

Watch the full video on our YouTube channel to hear the rest of Paolo’s thoughts.

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