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How to get 8 qualified clients in 1 week

Paolo Di Marco and Irene Corbani are psychotherapists specialised in Transactional Analysis and Bioenergetic Analysis.

Before working with us: After 4 years of hard work with SEO blog and organic Facebook/Instagram posts, they were barely getting 10 clients a YEAR online.

After working with us: Within one week after implementing our LX Design Website, they got 8 qualified patients interested in their psychotherapy services.


From struggling with marketing to building passive income

In this interview, we’re gonna talk about what’s Shamon’s journey to building a passive income.

Get inspired by his story and learn how to build a thriving therapy practice in 2022 and how you can also how to make passive income as a therapist.

Why strong business foundations are important for your business

In this interview, we’re gonna talk about the transformation Bianca and Natasha went through working with us.

Get inspired by their story and learn why Strong Business Foundations are important for your Business.

How to connect with your potential clients online on a deeper level | Alina’s experience

Alina is a Psychotherapist & Nutritionist based in New York.

Before working with us: She didn’t have any presence online. She really needed to create her online space where she could communicate with her audience to reach as many people who needed her help as she could.

After working with us: We helped her develop her presence online through a patient-oriented Website & Content Marketing Strategy we built using our LX Design Websites Methodology.

“The work we did together is revolutionary”

It was eye-opening being able to see working the strategy we planned together. We usually had new clients just through word of mouth, but the system you created makes me sleep at night knowing that now I don’t need to wait for the phone to ring to expand my clientele! Thank you so much!


“I promise you won’t regret it, it will definitely pay off”

I felt great working with Alessandro because
of how well organised he is. The results we achieved are certainly important, but for us, being supported by him in the process was the most valuable. Thank you for everything!


“Alessandro and Agnes help you find the quickest way to reach your goals.”

We worked together to identify the right strategy for my situation, without wasting time on some random, unnecessary actions, as I used to do before meeting them. Thank you guys!


“I’m so grateful for what I learnt!”

I’ve always been a bit resistant to advertising because it’s difficult to imagine how to combine the world of marketing with the world of health & wellness.
Alessandro was the first person with whom I actually managed to approach marketing with an open mind.
The work you did for me guys is terrific!


“Just do it! It will save you a burnout!”

If you are thinking about taking the next step, you might not know what the next step is, but if you have the money to invest in working with experts such as Agnes and Alessandro, just do it because it will help you to understand better your business and how to grow without burning out!


“I had an incredible shift of mindset!”

Before working with you I was close to burnout. When we started working together I started realizing how many unproductive and unnecessary things I was doing. This was a big realization and helped me a lot, the way you do marketing is totally different and much better!


“Creative and solution-oriented thinkers who can get things done.”

I really liked working with Agnes because of her positive and go-getting mindset with a focus on strategy & management. This is something that is important both for the team and the clients and it makes work so much more fun.


“Your system is different”

I learned that a good marketing strategy is not just about having a nice website or posting regularly on social media. The system you created for me is gonna save me loads of time and I can be sure that people that come from that system will be my ideal clients! Amazing!


“I would recommend them to anyone”

Before working with you I was confused, overwhelmed and unsure about the next best step to take to grow my business. Thanks to you I realized how amazing and innovative your system is! I can finally focus on what I love because I’m sure I’ll always have clients!


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