They said “this Ad is too long, nobody’s gonna read it”, but they couldn’t be more wrong…

They say it’s better to write Ads in a short and sweet way because it’s more professional and straight to the point. 

They say it’s not a good idea to write Ads that are too long. They said nobody’s gonna read them. They said people will get bored and not read through the whole Ad. 

But what they didn’t expect is that…

…people did.

A LOT of people DID read the whole Ad we created for Irene and Paolo, our two Psychotherapist clients. 

81 people, in fact.

81 people read our Ad and took action because what we wrote resonated really well with how they were feeling inside. 

These 81 people felt heard, understood and nodded their heads in agreement with what they were reading. 

Thanks to this long Ad we built, these 81 people felt like they can really entrust their struggles to our Psychotherapists, Irene and Paolo.

What they read in our long Ad, motivated them to take action right now – to stop waiting, stop postponing difficult decisions and ignoring their problems, to finally take action and take care of themselves, today.

Even though the Ad seemed to be very long, it was just the right amount of information and value to reassure these 81 people to follow our call-to-action to learn more about how Irene and Paolo can help them with their Therapy.

In one week of Ads running, we managed to build trust with 81 people, 8 of which have requested a consultation with Irene and Paolo – all of that for €307.62 in Ad spend. 

The results we achieved in one week are much better than what Irene and Paolo could ever achieve with organic methods… Like their blog, which after 4 years of consistent, hard work, is attracting only 10 patients… PER YEAR. 

With the use of Facebook and Instagram Ads and the Harmony Model™ (our specific way to build Ads, developed exclusively for Mental Health Professionals), we attracted 8 qualified patients in ONE WEEK.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what can be achieved with long-form Ads.

Sounds simple enough, right? 

By this point, you might be thinking…

…more words in Ads = more patients, right?

Well, yes and no.

Yes, because the concept itself is simple. If we reduce it down to the basics, then yes, a long Ad can attract more patients to your practice, better than a short Ad or unprogressive organic methods ever could.

There’s a catch, though.

It’s not just about the length, and the length itself is not enough, you see. 

And here’s why. 

It’s also about the value. 

And in order to really translate the value through the written word, you need the right length to be able to do so. 

All this value can’t be communicated in just a short post, or a few lines inviting people to book a session with you today. 

You need to communicate what matters the most to your patients in your Ads.

And you need to do so ethically, truthfully and adequately.

If you are interested in learning more about providing value and if you want to see what two other Psychotherapists like you have to say about our different approach to creating Ads for Mental Health Professionals…

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Inside, you will find:

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🔸 How going out of your comfort zone can make your online presence bring much better results;

🔸 A detailed breakdown of Facebook and Instagram Ads – an ethical and truthful approach to building Ads;

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🔸 … and much more!

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Happy reading!

Agnes & Alessandro

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